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Currently PACANet with her partners in Uganda and DRC are running the following projects; 1. A Micro Finance Project with tentacles: While the project’s main aim is to increase household income, it also seeks to guide its members in prioritizing the use of their earnings, by investing in a) education of their children b) health […]


In a bid to increase access to information, PACANet is glad to announce the new E-resource Centre. The e-library can be accessed over the internet from any location by simply visiting


 All across the continet PACANet is helping grassroots Christian organizations respond to the AIDS crisis. Click on the Situational Analyses for a given country to see the progress they are making.  

HIV and AIDS in Africa

HIV/AIDS is the worst catastrophe ever in Africa, and it is within the mandate of the Church to rid society of this devastating epidemic. The Church in Africa has gone through different phases in its response to the HIV/AIDS problem, from rejection, stigmatisation, discrimination, condemnation and denial of a Christ-like compassion. Today the response of churches that are engaged in addressing the AIDS epidemic are characterised by the principles of human dignity, solidarity and grace. Although Christian organisations have been acknowledged for their fight against AIDS, especially at the grassroots level, the church’s response has not yet been proportional to the magnitude of the epidemic.   Read More…

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