Countries where we work

PACANet primarily works through country specific mechanisms called Country Christian AIDS Networks (CCANets).

A CCANet is a coordinating and networking mechanism at national level. It is a structure PACANet believes is best placed to reach and support Christian grassroots interventions. CCANet is a legal entity, comprising individual churches, church organizations and church mother bodies, registered through appropriate legal provisions of the respective country, based on an agreed constitution stipulating key aspects of their partnership in responding to HIV and AIDS. Her relationship with PACANet is guided by instruments that ensure linkage and partnership; such may include a constitution which has provisions like MOUs. As a legal entity, a CCANet has structures within itself to facilitate service delivery covering various geographic and thematic areas of its operation.

At the moment, we have six fully established networks and these are in Uganda, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Burkina Faso and Madagascar.

Three more are being set up in the Republic of South Sudan,  Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo.