Burkina Faso

CCANet-Burkina Faso held a Consensus-Building Conference which took place at SIL OUAGADOUGOU / Burkina Faso from 16th to 17th February 2009. Fifty (50) Church Leaders and FBOs Leaders participated in the said conference conducted mainly by the Executive Secretary of PACANet, Rd Edward Baralemwa. A Board was formed and the Board Members were oriented at Tele-vie-Deo premises from   14th to 16th September 2009. The main facilitator of the Board Members’ Orientation was Dr Fulgence Binagwa from PACANet. The Orientation had the following Objectives:
*Board members review their personal leadership and management
*Agree on team critical success factors and develop operating principles
*Understand collective board functions-Committees and Individual
*State 3 year CCANET strategic results for 2010-2012 for the Secretariat
*Develop one year board Plan (from Jan 2010 to December 2010).
*Conduct first board meeting
The Orientation program was completely covered and had good results.


Executive Committee:

1. Chairperson: Mrs. OUEDRAOGO Honorine
2. Vice Chairperson: Pastor MRANGAYE LUC
3. Treasurer: Mrs. OUATTARA Micheline
4. Secretary: Pastor KAMBOU Daniel

Planning Committee:
1. M. YARO Jacob
2. Mrs.  SANGARE Hawa
3. M. BASSOLE André
4. Mrs. DAMOALIGA Jokebed

Finance Committee:
1. M.OUEDRAOGO Guibrina
2. M. COMPAORE Hamidou
3. M. SOUMAILA Traoré
4. The Treasurer : Mrs. OUATTARA Micheline

Prayer / Spiritual Committee
1. Mrs. DAMOALIGA Jokebed
2. Mrs. SANGARE Hawa
3. M. SOUMAILA Traoré


The Board Members said that Burkina Faso had and has many Networks which did not and which don’t work. Hopefully PACANet will bring a difference.  Therefore instead of having a name as the usual ones in French of which people have bad experience they prefer the name “CCANet-Burkina Faso” and it was adopted unanimously.

III. CCAnet –Burkina Faso three year results

*Network fully registered with All legal documents
*80% of Christian Organizations will be part of CCANet-Burkina Faso
*A Secretariat fully functioning
*2 General Assemblies  conducted
*Active collaboration with other Networks  responding to HIV and AIDS
*The CCANet-Burkina Faso’s members’ capacities build in terms of Programs, Leadership / Governance, etc.
*CCANet-Burkina Faso  will have at least three Financial and Technical partners