PACANet was born out of the need for a sustained, faith driven and grassroots response to HIV and AIDS in Africa. The church in Africa recognized HIV as a problem and stepped up to better utilize its resources and better network a response to the epidemic. Thus in June 2002, over 100 representatives from 19 African countries gather in Gaborone, Botswana, for the “The Working Together” conference. Thanks to the financial support of Bristol-Myers Squibb; the most significant outcome of the conference was the Pan African Christian AIDS Network.

PACANet has worked for ten years to enact its vision of an AIDS-free Africa, currently operating in eight African countries.

Our Vision:
To have an AIDS free Africa where the impact has been mitigated.

Our Mission is to link Churches, Christian organizations and Networks in Africa to enhance their HIV and AIDS responses by sharing resources, ideas, skills, experiences and stimulating strategic partnerships.

Our Core Values:
• Recognition of God’s supernatural empowerment in HIV and AIDS responses
• Acknowledgement of the lordship of Jesus Christ
• Upholding human dignity
• Integrity in word and deed
• Upholding family values

Development Goal

To positively engage and position the Church in Africa as an effective and efficient partner in response to HIV and AIDS.

Our Mandate:

PACANet was formed to mobilize and empower the church in Africa to more effectively respond to the challenges and threats of HIV and AIDS. To do this, PACANet provides information and networking across the continent, gathering and communicating best practices to combat HIV and AIDS. As part of its networking activities, PACANet avails information and a pool of experts to its partners to build their capacity. In addition, PACANet advocates on behalf of all, regardless of faith or nationality, who are vulnerable to or living with HIV and AIDS.

Our Membership:

As a networking organization, PACANet’s membership is comprised of Christian HIV and AIDS country mechanisms and structures, individual, regional and/or continental Christian organizations or networks and individual institutional churches and /or Christian Ministries with a regional or continental coverage.

To date PACANet has established six CCANets across Africa, and is currently in the process of replicating the same in the Republic of South Sudan, Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo to expand the Church’s response to HIV and AIDS.