Today in PACANet

Currently PACANet with her partners in Uganda and DRC are running the following projects;

1. A Micro Finance Project with tentacles: While the project’s main aim is to increase household income, it also seeks to guide its members in prioritizing the use of their earnings, by investing in a) education of their children b) health insurance for its members and c) the establishment of a family garden by each of its members. (Started February 2017)

2. To improve on nutrition and food security for pregnant mothers and children living with HIV and AIDS – Community gardens/Demonstration farms to be established in Arua (Uganda), Aru (DRC), Hoima (Uganda) Rethy (DRC) Kpandroma (DRC) Uketha (DRC) (October 2017)

3. Establish a vocational training program for out of school youth, with the aim to curb on delinquent behavior common to idle youth, while improving on the general security of the area (Starting October 2017)